Other students who Corot is given credit as a major influence during some point in their career were: Dagnan-Bouveret, Marie-Guillaume Charles Leroux, François-Louis Français, Louis Aimé Japy, Monet, Marquet, and Renoir. Corot’s Lady in a Blue Dress was an undeniable inspiration for the latter.

Corot’s last studio on the Rue de Paradis saw many students. While he tended to lean towards students who were linked with Impressionism or students that were thought of as pre-Impressionists, Corot did not forget his neo-classical roots. This was not a workshop, but more of an open door to pupils, models, and disciples. Corot, known for his giving nature, was always available for advice, encouragement, financial help, or favors. The students who studied with him varied, but the effect Corot had on them and their work lasted a lifetime.