Appraisals are essential for a number of key purposes, among which are value for insurance, tax and estate purposes, import and export, prior to purchase or sale, and to bring an older appraisal up to current values.

Corot Experts provides a complete range of Jean Baptiste Camille Corot appraisal services; from a simple, informal evaluation to get a general range of value, to formal, official, highly detailed appraisals.

A superior appraisal does not rely solely on auction and private sales records and the various price guides and sales databases. Rather there is major subjective component which evaluates the relative importance or significance of a work within the greater body of work of the artist. In short, not all paintings by the same artist are created equal. We at Corot Experts have the experience, the knowledge and skill to qualitatively evaluate your Corot.

If you need to appraise the value of a painting, drawing or sketch by Camille Corot, Corot Experts’ appraisers provide quick, courteous and reliable service.