Corot art

Corot was in the forefront of 19th century landscape artists. Because his work was so highly regarded he was extensively copied and, as such, it is vital that a previously undocumented work be carefully examined by experts.

Camille Corot was an extremely prolific painter and print maker. Of the myriad works clearly attributed to him there are still many others that have been lost and remain unidentified.

We analyze in detail, the style, composition, and technique which, despite many lesser artists’ attempts to imitate, are uniquely Corot’s.

Even if your painting has been rejected before, Corot Experts will entirely re-examine the case, verify the research, double check the analysis and determine with open minds if your painting is an original Corot.

Corot Experts has specialists in various parts of the US, several European countries and in Latin America. An original Corot is worth a great deal of money. Contact us to get it authenticated.