Review of
rejected Corot

The art market lives in fear of making a mistake. Auctioneers in particular absolutely want to avoid the risk of selling as a Corot a painting which could be challenged later. The commission earned on selling one painting is not worth the trouble and the cost of a law suit.

For this reason auctioneers prefer paintings that have been sold several times before with photos published in auction catalogues and that are therefore well established as being by Corot. These low-risk Corot paintings are welcomed by auctioneers.

If your painting has been in your family for 80 years or if it is a new discovery and there are no previous sales and no photos in auction catalogues, if it came from an old private transaction, you will find it difficult for your painting to be recognized and accepted as a Corot.

If you are in this situation, hire Corot Experts to assist you. We know every way in which a painting can be authenticated, we know the strategy you should adopt to be successful, and our determination counts.

Although many have tried it is extremely difficult to convincingly imitate Corot. Many other artists are a lot easier to imitate and you can be sure that they are and have been imitated in much greater numbers than Corot.

Even if your Corot has been rejected before it does not mean it is not authentic. If you presented your painting without showing evidence that it is authentic, it may have been rejected out of hand. We invite you to submit to Corot Experts any Corot painting that has been rejected before. It will be examined, analyzed, compared and researched thoroughly.

Our Corot experts have the experience, skill, knowledge and resources to determine if your painting is an authentic original Corot.